Purchase of Lysvik and Lysbris and charterback to DFDS

Lysvik in Amsterdam

DFDS and Godby Shipping have established a long-term co-operation with Godby Shipping buying the two storo sideport vessels Lysvik Seaways (built 1998) and Lysbris Seaways (built 1999) and chartering them back to DFDS for a period of minimum three years. The vessels are designed for transport of forest products, containers and general cargo.


Lysvik and Lysbris will continue in their present trade mostly serving Norske Skog forest product shipments out of Norway to UK and continental Europe. The vessels are equipped with two automatic Mongstad sideloading systems and six electrical forklift trucks for loading and discharging of forest products. For containers and general cargo the vessels have main deck and tween deck hatch covers.


The vessels will keep their well established names and they will continue under NIS flag with their present crew.


Delivery of Lysvik will take place in December 2021 and Lysbris January 2022.


Lysvik and Lysbris main data

Loa 129 m

Beam 18 m

Dwt 7.500 ton

Speed 16 knots

Wärtsilä 46C 6.300 kW main engine

DNV +1A1 E0 Ice(C) TMON


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