Godby Shipping 1972-2022

Godby Shipping was established in 1972 and our goal through the years has been to offer high quality transportation with vessels manned by highly skilled crews. We started with second hand ships and the company has successively renewed the fleet by taking delivery of tailor-made newbuildings, growing in the same pace as the co-operation with our customers has expanded. Today we operate a fleet of eight modern, ice-strengthened roro and sideport vessels.

We are continuing in concentrating our efforts on establishing long term cooperation with our customers, focusing at quality, safety, cost efficiency and environmental issues. The Åland shipping traditions are strong in our familyowned company and we think that it also in the future will be possible for domestic seafarers to get employment on vessels flying the Finnish flag.

Our history

We are proud to present this booklet, containing some highlights from our history during five decades. We hope you enjoy reading about us.

Södragatan 13, AX-22100 Mariehamn, Finland

E-mail: info@godbyshipping.fi