Lysbris taken over 21st January 2022

Lysbris crew 2021-12-27

As communicated earlier DFDS and Godby Shipping have established a long-term co-operation with Godby Shipping buying the two storo sideport vessels Lysvik Seaways and Lysbris Seaways and chartering them back to DFDS for a period of minimum three years.


Godby Shipping has today Friday 21st January 2022 at 1100 hrs Finnish time taken ownership of Lysbris Seaways at sea on her way to Skogn, Norway. Lysvik was taken over 27th December 2021.


Lysvik and Lysbris will continue in their present trade mostly serving Norske Skog forest product shipments out of Norway to UK and continental Europe.  The vessels will keep their well established names and they will continue under NIS flag with their present crew.


Above picture of Lysbris crew at 27th December. We wish all of you and your colleagues at home very welcome to the Godby Shipping group!


From left

Ch. Cook Indrek Gusev, AB Victor Gretskiy, AB Gennady Belozerov, Ch. Off. Mart Haabu, 1st Eng. Sergei Makarov, 1st Off. Georgy Stepanov, Ch. Eng. Sergey Savelev, AB Andrey Tololo and Capt. Atle Bergli

Södragatan 13, AX-22100 Mariehamn, Finland