Fatal accident chief officer Misida in Rotterdam

Dear all,


We are very sad to inform that chief officer Erik Hansson of our vessel Misida was killed in an accident during loading operations in Rotterdam Friday 9 August 2019.


Erik Hansson will be remembered as an experienced shipping professional and a good friend. Erik started as deck apprentice with us at mv Misida from January to March 2013. He made a very good impression right away and was hired as deck rating at both mv Misida and mv Misana during the summers 2013-2016, while he was studying to become a Master Mariner at Högskolan på Åland in Mariehamn. His studies was completed in December 2016 and in January 2017 he started to work at mv Mistral. In June 2017 he was promoted to I-officer at mv Miranda and he also worked at the sister vessel mv Mistral. In the autumn 2018 he changed vessel to Misida, he started as Officer and was promoted to Chief officer this summer. He was very professional and skilled. He was motivated and interested in his work. Even if he was young he was experienced and he knew how to work at sea and was comfortable with his duties.


He was the perfect colleague to work with. He was always friendly, polite and helpful. Everybody was very found of him. He is deeply missed by us and his colleagues onboard our vessels.


We wish to express our sincere and deepest sympathy to his family.



Dan Mikkola

Södragatan 13, AX-22100 Mariehamn, Finland

E-mail: info@godbyshipping.fi